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Used Excavator ZX 210


 maintain used excavator 


ZX 210 is a used excavator with many features and characteristics. When you have a need and choose the corresponding type, you are told to ensure the type is suitable for you job. As with the ZX210, good engine and bucket enable the construction work done perfectly. It is also flexible and no oil leak.

Used Excavator ZX 210

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Quick Details:
Place of Origin:  Japan
Brand Name:  Hitachi
Model Number:  ZX 210 
Condition:  Used
Moving Type:  Crawler Excavator
Operating Weight:  10.75t 
Bucket capacity:  0.18m3
Maximum Digging Height:  4.27m
Maximum Digging Depth:  4.76m
Machine Weight:  23t
Max Digging Radius:  5.5

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Detail: in bulk cargo or container
Delivery Detail: within 7 days after receiving the payment

Main Features:
Good quality
Durable and robust
Waterproof and rust resistant
Super design
No oil leak
Low noise
Best price

We are a leading supplier of used excavator and other attachments. All of them are good in condition and super in design. They are all maintained well that the working efficiency is rather high. If you have a requirement, you are suggested to visit: http://www.usedexcavator-china.com

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