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  • How to Run a Used Excavator


    To run a used excavator is chaotic and complex, after you read this manual. Even if you can find out how to run used excavators, simplify the description of the control is very useful to help you remember what you're doing. Here's a rundown of the basic control (general) mini excavators and how to make it do what you...

  • How to Purchase a Used Excavator


    Mining machinery can save you time and money - for the first time after the investment is completed. Digging, moving rocks or trees, or removing tree stumps can be much more effective than trying to do by hand, more cheaply finished. Rendering to Buyer Zone, used excavator “are built to provide 8,000 to 10,000 hours of...

  • Cost Effective Mini Size Used Excavators


    There are a number of major manufacturers of excavators. So many brands of used excavator are available such as those from the Bucyrus International, Caterpillar Inc. and CNH Global. In general all these manufacturers have released some type of mid-sized to mini-sized excavator since smaller excavators are more flexible and c...

  • How to Repair and Maintain the Used Excavator


    With the development of our industrial process, industrial lifting equipment is widely used in the construction of "battlefield". Excavators are among the most common form, as a leader in construction machinery, excavators role speaks for itself. As the excavators are becoming commonplace in industrial development, a special cha...

  • The Details of Bucket Wheel Used Excavator


    This kind of bucket wheel used excavator has great capacity of production, high efficiency. To adapt to the complex coal seam mining, transportation, slope, simple operation, convenient maintenance and so on. It is easy to realize the advantages of modern management, industrial developed countries widely used abroad of used ...

  • The Related Parameters of the Backhoe Used Excavator


    The basic modes of operation consist of gully end mining, straight line, curve mining, maintain, super deep trench excavation, groove angle mining slope minging and so on. Operating weight is one of the three important parameters of the used excavator, and the three parameters are engine power, the bucket capacity and operat...

  • The Winter Maintenance of Used Excavator


    If the rapid action will cause the damage of hydraulic equipment, the preheating, hydraulic equipment, hydraulic oil temperature is low. The small used excavator engine operating at medium speed, operating bucket, preheating and so on. Jacking machine rotating track, preheat walking left and right motor respectively. Then, t...