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The Winter Maintenance of Used Excavator


If the rapid action will cause the damage of hydraulic equipment, the preheating, hydraulic equipment, hydraulic oil temperature is low. The small used excavator engine operating at medium speed, operating bucket, preheating and so on. Jacking machine rotating track, preheat walking left and right motor respectively. Then, the engine speed high, make the bucket and bucket rod continuous work five minutes; At the same time, the preheating operation should pay attention to the safety of the surrounding environment fully to maintian it. When the temperature is low, the reaction will be relatively slow with using the used excavator to prevent the preheating time encounter the surrounding people and objects. The small excavator engine preheating, getting on the first step, the engine should be starting with low speed for 5 minutes.

Also in a small used excavator engine preheating process should be checked for the following. The oil warning light is putting out. Whether the oil leakage or not. The sound of the engine and exhaust color is normal, and the charging indicator light is putting out. If all parts of the machine can operate smoothly. If the small used excavators sit idle during the winter, it should be properly kept and winter maintenance of used excavator. When used again it will play the best efficiency. So the maintenance measures are very important.

Firstly, you should clean up the dirt on the surface of the small used excavators, and check whether loose fasteners. Checking your antifreezi oil level and oil level are normal or not. If the weather is extremely cold in winter, and the used excavators stop for a long time, you need to clean the engine cooling fluid discharge. In order to prevent the battery feed at the same time, the battery must be open to a warm place to shortage.

Secondly, starting the engine of the used exvavator at a time, if the antifreeze oil level and oil level is lower than the normal oil level, please add to normal after the start. As the cold weather will key in the preheating to preheat the light after several repeated preheating. Then start the excavator engine, idle running 5-10 minutes without load for each oil cylinder action 5-10 times, each time is smaller than range 5-10 mm. Finally make the engine revolutions highest operating cylinder movement 5-10 times each, at the same time operating turning around and walking before and after the three times. Until the system temperature can work up to 50-80 degrees, continue to make all the working device for 5-10 minutes to stop the engine of the used excavator.

Thirdly, to replace the diesel for - 10 to 30 models, it depends on the area. Which will add to the north of the number of diesel, in addition to replace diesel oil filter, oil to replace local applicable thickening mechanism for oil of the used excavator. The oil filter is replaced, where oil leakage of the hydraulic system to timely replacement, conditional should be insulated tank.