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The Details of Bucket Wheel Used Excavator


This kind of bucket wheel used excavator has great capacity of production, high efficiency. To adapt to the complex coal seam mining, transportation, slope, simple operation, convenient maintenance and so on. It is easy to realize the advantages of modern management, industrial developed countries widely used abroad of used excavator. The bucket wheel used excavator is commonly composed of three parts, a bucket turbine, reprint machine, connecting bridge.

What is the world's largest mining machinery? If you didn't see the machinery, a lot of friends to describe the used excavator with surprise on the "size" large enough mining machinery. When see the machinery, a lot of people is not only a surprise, but the shock. This is the world's largest mining machinery, its name called Bagger288, 1978 by the German Krupp manufacturing. Fierce a look, this is a steel giants, it is one of the world's largest several rounds of bucket used excavator. We use "big" to describe it a bit too much. The machinery of nearly 95 meters high, 240 meters long, about 2.5 the length of a football field, it is the total weight of 13500 tons. Top speed of this kind of excavator is going 10 meters per minute, and every day can collect 76000 cubic meters of coal mining.

Bagger288 bucket wheel equipped with 18 buckets on the used excavator, each volume of 6.6 m3-8.6 m3, drive the four bucket wheel motor top-down vertical sequence arrangement. Assembly 8.6 m3 big volume bucket digging, party or coal, theory of production capacity of 22000 m3 / h. Assembly of high strength 6.6 m3 thick wall of the bucket digging compact hard rock, or permafrost, theory of production capacity of 19100 m3 / h. Before 12 tracks adopt 4 arrangement type, after eight largest movement speed for 10 m/min. Only five people can operate. Design, manufacture and assembly which took five years of time, cost is as high as $one hundred million.

Several rounds of used wheeled excavators is nearly two hundred and thirty years developed a new type of construction machinery. Several rounds of bucket excavator is a kind of efficiency and large mining machinery of high mechanization degree. Its productivity from dozens of cubic meters to tens of thousands of cubic meters per hour. For example of D - 2500 rounds of used excavator, weight of 150 tons, power 1789.68 kW, can be dredged materials 2500 m3 per hour, equivalent to 10000 migrant workers. Its main characteristic is compact, good stiffness, the continuous mining, automatic loading and unloading, and flexible. For a variety of soil, such as soft clay, loam, hard soil, frozen soil, four series of gravel sand loam, three series and lithology of cretaceous sandstone and glutenite, argillaceous rocks, pebbles and weathered rock and rock mining of using this used excavator.