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Cost Effective Mini Size Used Excavators


There are a number of major manufacturers of excavators. So many brands of used excavator are available such as those from the Bucyrus International, Caterpillar Inc. and CNH Global. In general all these manufacturers have released some type of mid-sized to mini-sized excavator since smaller excavators are more flexible and cost-effective for medium to small size construction projects.

What is more, if you intend to buy used excavator of mini size, you will be able to save a lot of money. And used excavator of mini size is capable of offering everything that a conventional excavator can do. For instance a typical excavator may weigh up to 4000 kg with a 25 kW engine so as to ensure a stable undercarriage. The power of the engine and the weight of the machine are carefully matched to the dig envelope for optimum performance of the excavator. To contrast, a common used excavator of mini size weighs 1800 kg with a 20 kW engine. The undercarriage and dozer blade of the typical used excavator of mini size are designed to ensure that debris will not build up underneath or in front of the machine. What is more, used excavator of mini size is equipped with a two-speed tracking motor that can provide a top tracking speed of 4.5kph. In addition, excellent tractive effort and traction of used excavator of mini size are also guaranteed. And this type of excavator has standard single acting auxiliary pipe work as well as additional tie down points. Therefore, it is easier to strap the excavator onto trailers and rubber tracks are offered as well. The seating position in used excavator of mini size is adjustable for maximum comfort and there is even an efficient heating system.

Apart from the standard equipment, used excavator of mini size can be adapted to meet customer's demands. As a matter of fact, marked by durability and versatility, used excavator of mini size is highly sought after on the used excavator market. And the price of used excavator of mini size is much lower compared to other types of excavators, which proves to be a wise choice for owners of small construction businesses. Some used excavators of mini size even boast unrivalled service access and long service intervals up to five hundred hours. And it is not difficult to get high productivity from used excavator of mini size. To begin with you may check the oil from ground level. In general the fuel filter system features the combination of a sedimenter, a filter and a primer. Therefore you are allowed to prime the excavator even when it runs out of fuel. Then without any extra tools you can change the filter with a large capacity fuel tank so as to ensure that the used excavator of mini size can have longer working hours and greater productivity.