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How to Run a Used Excavator


To run a used excavator is chaotic and complex, after you read this manual. Even if you can find out how to run used excavators, simplify the description of the control is very useful to help you remember what you're doing. Here's a rundown of the basic control (general) mini excavators and how to make it do what you want. Use the joystick to control the rotation of the bucket and the machine's cab. Use the joystick to control and make the right scooping the rise and fall of the boom. Scoop using buckets and move the joystick to the right (away from the driver) dump bucket by moving the joystick to the left (toward the driver). Please note that the direction of these controls is logical and somewhat intuitive (such as a garbage dump to the right, and from the right side of a spoon).

The left joystick controls the movement of the car and the boom extension or contraction direction. Boom extending forwardly pushing the left stick while pulling it contracted. Pressing the left to the left and right rotation of the lever will cause the direction of the cab, the lever is pushed. See the drive rod (two long sticks out between your legs say). Stick with the side of the drive rod run independently of each different tread used excavator yes. In a further rod movement (forward or backward) will change the speed of each tread open. Thrust the two sides of the same distance sticks forwards will make excavators straight. While moving the stick back, so the excavator backwards. If only one of the branches moves forward (or rod moves forward more than the other), the corresponding tread moves forward, the vehicle. If a stick is pushed forward, while the other is pulled back, the vehicle can be rotated in place.

Using the pedals on the floor of the "super speed" lift and rotate the hoe. On the left, so excavator using movement speed is very fast, and is only used to from one location to another is smooth, straight line level terrain. Other pedal tilts hoe (barrel and arm) to the left or right. Look to the right side of the seat. There should be two sticks. Behind the bar is the throttle lever (controlling the flow of fuel to the engine). Further open the throttle, if you can pull back to the engine more gas. This helps the engine throttle, the work load, it has a greater power. Just look at the throttle forward. This stick is bulldozing, control rod blade. By using a earthmover blade control lever to pull it back to lift the knife-edge. By pushing the joystick forward by the blade deeper (toward the ground). Like a small bulldozer scraping the ground when the dozer is pushed forward.

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